Perhaps the most active seventy-seven year old.

3 time prime minister and ex-senator of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, is being charged with a number of crimes he has committed over the last couple decades while in office. He is also threatening revolution in Italy if they arrest him.
77 year-old Silvio Berlusconi had been prime minister of Italy from 1994-95, 01-06, and 08-11. He served as a senator in Italy until he was convicted of tax evasion. Now that he is out of office this billionaire politician is about to be charged with a heap of other crimes that are coming to light. Mr.Berlusconi has a very unique reaction to the impending charges…he’s threatening the country. He claims that if he were arrested there would be a revolution.

Silvio Berlusconi
The tax fraud charge is the first criminal charge to stick to Berlusconi of which he has been charged with a one year sentence. Because of his advanced age Berlusconi will spend the year either under house-arrest or community service. He has also been charged with seven years for relations with a minor and abuse of power in trying to get the minor released from jail. These latter charges are being appealed in court and may be overturned. In 2009 Mr. Berlusconi estimated that in the previous twenty years he had made 2,500 court appearances in 106 trials.
Silvio Berlusconi is from one of Italy’s wealthiest families owner of a large corporation, he is responsible for some of the country’s more questionable political advertisements in the last decade. He is a major holder of the country’s three largest private tv stations, the largest publishing house, a public newspaper, and many other companies. He is connected to much of Italy’s media. Which made his election campaigns much easier as well as making it easier to garner public opinion in his favor. He used ads such as these:

The lead line of the commercials being “Menomale che Silvio c’e” which means “Thank God Silvio exists!” (First Ad has englich subtitles.)
Public opinion was very much in his favor up until the tax fraud charge was upheld against him. Before this, many of his charges were publicly brushed off as propaganda drummed up by his opponents. Now it would seem that many of his supporters are questioning him.
A major question to be asked now is: “What happens now?”
Will they get other charges to stick to him? What will happen to Italy? We will keep watching to see the results.


One thought on “Perhaps the most active seventy-seven year old.

  1. I usually consider myself a pretty informed teenager, but I had never even heard of this! Thank you for this interesting post! It’s scary to think that he is threatening his own country, but one thing that he needs to back up his threat is support and it’s hard (but not impossible) to imagine that there would be a lot of help if his image has been so tarnished.

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