Pope Attacks Large Salaries and Wage Gap

In his first peace message Pope Francis said that large salaries are the symptoms of an economy based in greed and inequality. In his message for the day of peace on Jan. 1st he calls for the distribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, in order to decrease the gap between rich and poor.”The grave financial and economic crises of the present time … have pushed man to seek satisfaction, happiness and security in consumption and earnings out of all proportion to the principles of a sound economy,” he said.
Newly named Time’s Person of the Year, Francis has called for reforms in the church in order to be more fair and frugal, to help the poor.
Reuters.com said “He attacked the ‘widening gap between those who have more and those who must be content with the crumbs’, calling on governments to implement ‘effective policies’ to guarantee people’s fundamental rights, including access to capital, services, educational resources, healthcare and technology.” Since his election in March as the first non-european pope in 1300 years this Pope has shunned traditional extravagance for a simpler life, calling on his people to do the same. During his visit to Sardinia, one of Italy’s poorest regions, he focused on unemployment, and the value of work. This is a marked change from the efforts of previous Popes. Could this signal a drastic change in the face of the Catholic church?


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