Online Feminism Hard to Ignore

When Americans go online, they have been noticing more posts and videos about women’s issues and gender equality. The feminist movement has taken to social and online media in an effort to make and impact and spread the word about gender discrimination in our society.


Feminist blogs and Youtube channels are on the rise. Topics of discussion range from sexism in the video game industry to the female body image presented by the media to rape and lack of education for girls in foreign countries. These online sources allow for education and enlightenment about gender equality.

“You have access to so many more writers and activists, and you can find out what’s going on in the community,” Kasari Govender, the executive director of a women’s rights group in Vancouver called West Coast Legal Education and Action Fund told

It’s not just experts talking about the issues either. Blogs and websites are not the only tools available to women wanting to discuss gender equality. Female across the world are sharing and posting things to Facebook and Twitter, making them hard to ignore. There are even websites designed for people to promote feminism on social media.

Sites such as are emerging to promote social change. Global Citizen focuses and several social justice issues and one of them is gender equality. Anyone can go online and promote causes from their own homes. You collect points by sharing videos to Facebook or Twitter and by signing online petitions. The points go toward concert tickets and other merchandise and events.

Another site that has emerged to promote change, especially between the sexes, is They website is exclusively designed around promoting videos, primarily ones that are political in nature. Upworthy has numerous videos dedicated to women’s rights issues not only in the United States, but around the world. They offer the option to share every video to Facebook or Twitter with just the click of a button.

These outlets spark conversation. Logging on to Facebook presents women with a wealth of ideas about what the future could be like. Feminists are rapidly learning the importance to promoting their ideas online, and taking advantage.

“Online feminism gave me the tools to tell my story like never before, not just for me but for the women that came before me.  It helped me find my voice in a sea of supporters (and dissenters).  And it confirmed I was not unusual or alone.  Online feminism taught me when and where to preach to the choir and when to reach beyond.  It gave me a community that continues to support me and bring my online feminist chops to other arenas be it dating or the corporate environment,” said Samhita Mukhopadhyay, executive editor of Feministing to EBONY magazine.

The online feminist revolution has begun, and it’s impossible to ignore.

The Future of Online Feminism Infographic, refer to link provided in introduction for text


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