Typhoon Haiyan tears through Philippines

Super Typhoon Haiyan Bears Down On PhilippinesTyphoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines on Friday. It first hit the town of Samar and knocked out many power and communication networks in the process. It moved through the islands. So far the death toll includes only four people and seven people are hurt said the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

Around 125,000 people fled to evacuation centers and hundreds of air plane flights were canceled. The U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center said maximum sustained winds in Haiyan were 195 mph with gusts to 235 mph. Haiyan is also a very large typhoon with diameter that, at one point, its clouds were affecting two-thirds of the country, which stretches more than 1,150 miles.

Maryann Zamora, a field communications specialist for the charity World Vision, said her organization “has been working through so many disasters, so many typhoons — but this is quite different.”

It is labeled under a category 5 for strength the highest category on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale. It is possible that Haiyan may break the record for being the strongest tropical cyclone to hit land anywhere. After the storm passes there further calculations will take place to determine whether it officially broke the record.

“About 90% of the infrastructure and establishments were heavily damaged,” Gwendolyn Pang, the secretary general of the Philippine National Red Cross said.

Unfortunately the death poll will rise because there were flood waters that reached up to 10 ft. and many places haven’t been checked through yet. Last December, Typhoon Bopha had a death toll of over 1,000 people because of flash floods and storms. The Philippines experience at least 20 typhoons each year. The typhoon was predicted to move away from the Philippines late Friday or early Saturday and head into the South China Sea towards Vietnam.

If you want to read more about the typhoon here are some links to click on.


One thought on “Typhoon Haiyan tears through Philippines

  1. Thank you for the information about the typhoon. This was a great article. I had no idea that that happens 20 times a year! But that this one could possibly be the biggest one ever is just horrible and unbelievable.

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