Results achieved by the global powers

syria-sarin-gas-weaponsThe United Nations has not always gained results for its tireless efforts around the world, but with a wave of recent successes new hope rises.  The Syrian conflict is still raging as hotly as ever, but one enforcement has occurred and chemical weapons are out of the fight.  In the Democratic Republic of the Congo UN peacekeeper forces are adopting a new tougher strategy, and getting rapid results.

For much of this year the Syrian civil war has been a hot topic of discussion, especially when they began using chemical weapons against their own civilian population.  After a long period of debate and discussion we did finally come up with a resolution to give them, and surprisingly they have accepted it.  Already 22 of the 23 known chemical weapon production facilities in Syria have been confirmed to be destroyed.  Syria is also making plans to ship its chemical weapons out of country, but they are requesting foreign supplies to help them secure the transport route across their country from the capital to the sea.  This would aid their war-effort against the rebels, and keep the chemical weapons out of rebel hands.

close at hand on another continent the Democratic Republic of the Congo has had its latest civil war raging for the last few years.  For much of this civil war UN Peacekeeping forces have been present to prevent a wholesale civilian slaughter by either faction.  UN Peacekeeping forces very rarely receive the orders to interfere even when civilians are attacked.  An example of this occurred a year ago when rebel forces stormed a regional capital called Goma.  the UN forces sat outside the city and had to watch the rebel forces fire on military and civilian targets alike within the city.  within the last few weeks the UN security Council tried a new tactic; orders arrived in the Congo for Peacekeeping forces to actively hunt down the rebel forces.  This, combined with a new reorganization of the Congolese army, has seen the surrender of a few rebel groups already and has brought others to the bargaining table.

With this and other events occurring around the world maybe the future truly is getting better, but this brings up a question asked many times before; do the world powers have the right to interfere with a civil war in such a manner?  If civil war is a process of changing one’s government, albeit in a cruel manner, should the global powers be allowed to throw their weight in and choose the faction they want ruling a country?


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