Resolution in the East?

After the last forty years it’s hard to believe but the world may be looking at a cooling of tensions in the Middle East.  The esteemed Big Five of the United Nations Security Council have come to an agreement on the actions to be taken against Syria.  As well as a possible end to the problems with Iran.

The Big Five nations have come to an agreement on a resolution for the Syria issue.  The agreement will be voted on by the other fifteen security council nations before any action is taken.  This agreement calls for the disarmament of Syria’s chemical arsenal.  Which more to the point means they’re not allowed to use, produce, or move chemical weapons.  If the government of Syria decides to defy this new resolution the UN will impose heavy sanctions and open up the possibility of military action against Syria.  In other words it appears to be a “final warning” of sorts.

Syria broke the Geneva Convention Treaty already, but is more likely to obey this time.  They have been given a final warning by the UN.  As well as the fact that Russia has done a lot to support Syria already.  With the amount of political trouble Syria has caused for Russia one could be lead to believe that if they defy the UN again, Russia may stop backing them.

Elsewhere in the Middle East we are seeing more and more signs of cooperation from the Iranians.  With the election of their new president, Iran is working to meet the UN requirements for the lifting of the sanctions.  They are working to rebuild diplomatic relations with much of the world, and are lessening their nuclear projects.

All together the Middle East looks to be starting a new trend.  Though this could be only a temporary lull, an optimist can look to this as a sign of hope for our future.

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One thought on “Resolution in the East?

  1. I like to think of myself as an optimist, but I have a tough time swallowing the fact that the Middle East could ever be truly peaceful, at least in our life time. The Middle East is made up of individual tribes that have not gotten along for centuries. All of these tribes feel so strongly about their positions that many are unwilling to bend for cooperation.
    On another note, while I applaud the United Nations for their efforts, I’m not so sure that merely giving a final warning to such a militant government would stop much.

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