Mountain Climber Finds Jewels on French Glacier

A young man who was climbing a glacier In Albertville France found a metal box full of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires in a plane that crashed around 50 years ago.. He turned them over to police in Bourg-Saint-Maurice on September 9 and the information about the situation is just now been released. 

Chamonix, Albertville police Chief Sylvain Merly said that the climber prefers to be unnamed in the media. Also the jewels are thought to be worth around $332,000 and according to The local French paper, the Dauphiné Libéré the jewels could become the climber’s jewels if they are not identified. Currently the French police are contacting India to find a possible owner.

The glacier is called Bosson on Mont Blanc and it is famous for it being a site for airplane crashes dangerous storms and avelanches. There were two airplanes from Air India that have crashed on the site in 950 and in 1966. Since then many people have found human remains, and a lot of debris. Just last September climbers found some of India’s diplomatic mail on the glacier that had been on the Boeing 707 flight coming from Mumbai to New York that crashed in 1966.  

One of the men who found the mail, Arnaud Christmann, said “ It could spark a gold rush.” Meaning that many more climbers will try to find treasure and hurt themselves in the process. The glacier is easy to get to but unsafe.
mont blanc


5 thoughts on “Mountain Climber Finds Jewels on French Glacier

  1. WOW, i’m impressed with this guy. He found 332,000 dollars worth of gold and turned it in? Not everyone is honourable enough to do that. It is also very interesting that so many plane crashes happen there, you’d think they’d try to avoid it now.

    • Yea I was also pretty surprised to hear that he turned it in. He actually didn’t find gold but he did find rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

  2. Well written story! I too am impressed he turned it in… I wonder if I would do the same thing *cough cough* haha. Nice job!

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