Government Shutdown Looming

The current financial crisis in our government has many worried about a possible shutdown. Funding for many government agencies will officially run out on Sep 30th at midnight and without a new spending budget, they cannot function after that. If lawmakers are close to a budget, the president can order government agencies to stay open for a few hours or days if needed. The two sides of congress, Republican and Democrat, both have to agree on a spending bill for the coming year, if not, funding will run out. With neither side looking like they’re going to back down, a shutdown looms before us.

How can this affect you? Without a spending bill, U.S. troops, and government employees cannot be paid. This leads to decreased spending by those families and a overall worsening of the American economy. Without paying the military, the U.S. would look like forced conscription and could cause major discontent and critical issues in strategy.

The last shutdown was avoided in april of 2011 by just hours as congress came together to and passed a bill that would allow a budget until Sept. 30th. As the budget deadline gets closer, the pressure increases and the two sides are forced to make concessions in order to try and avoid a shutdown. This is generally the most effective way to prevent a shutdown.


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