Symbolism of a soccer game

Afghanistan wins a soccer game 2-0 against the reigning South-Asia champions India, in a stadium that was once used for execution by the Taliban.

Roughly forty years ago Afghanistan sunk into a civil war, caught up in the middle of the cold war.  Since then the Soviet Union invaded, retreated,  and collapsed altogether; the infamous Taliban took over; the United States invaded; so on and so forth.  Through it all there wasn’t a lot of time for fun things, like sports.  During the Taliban’s reign sports were banned altogether, and things like soccer fields were used for public executions.

Now though, after all of that, a bright democratic nation is rising.  They are being inspired to do great things that haven’t happened there for almost half a century.  On Thursday tens of thousands of Afghans were in attendance at the soccer match between Afghanistan and India.  Now, after a 3-0 victory over Pakistan and this exciting 2-0 victory over India the crowd got so excited it stormed the field.

A large number of police officers were required to keep the happy fans at bay, and even then the team was expediently moved to armored cars and evacuated.  some of the armored cars received damage from the mob clamoring on top of them.

Despite the excitement of the mob, it should be noted how drawn together the people of Afghanistan are behind their team.  All political groups, all economic classes, and every walk of life.  The people of Afghanistan stood together.  They know they stood together, and they are realizing more and more how they can set aside their differences and work together.  A considerably brighter future could be dawning for this trialed and tested country.


2 thoughts on “Symbolism of a soccer game

  1. Thank you for this article. I really liked the spin you put on it. When I first started reading it, I was a bit confused. I was thinking, “John, this isn’t the sports beat,” but it came together really nicely.

  2. Very interesting post, John! I liked how you combined their past division with their current unity. Hopefully they can continue to grow together as a country.

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