North Korea’s facade

denis rodmanIt is well-known that North Korea is a country filled with oppression of its people. However, recently Dennis Rodman who is a ex-NBA player has been visiting Kim Jong Un.  According to CNN, Rodman has been saying that Kim Jong Un is a very good guy. When he visited him he also mentioned that he held Kim Jong Un’s baby girl. 

There have also been talks on a plan to have a basket ball game involving Americans and North Koreans.   Even though Rodman mentions how Americans need to have an open mind its hard because there is proof of prison camps for those who try to speak against the government. Some had hope that Rodman could help bring back Kenneth Bae who is a U.S. citizen currently in one of the camps. He was sentenced for 15 years of hard labor for trying to take down the government with religion.

According to the New York times Rodman said it wasn’t his job to bring Kenneth Bae back. It is still unclear on how much Rodman actually knows about North Korea but hopefully these visits will help relations with America and North Korea a little better.


2 thoughts on “North Korea’s facade

  1. I was disappointed to read that Dennis Rodman still doesn’t know what North Korea is doing to even it’s own citizens. There are prison camps! At the end of last year, one of them closed, perhaps leaving several thousand North Korean prisoners dead ( Instead of saying it’s not his job to bring Kenneth Bae back, he should use this relationship to help North Korea, its citizens, and its leader. He should not “appear” to be blindly following whatever is going on.

    • Yes I agree. Dennis Rodman is being irresponsible and careless. I wonder if he just sees his relationship with Kim Jon as a way to gain power?

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