Today’s global politics and Russia

Russia seems to be attracting a lot of attention this week.  First the G20 meeting was hosted in St. Petersburg, and now they’re becoming a hot topic in the Syria discussion.  At the G20 meeting a number of people witnessed a handful of tense moments unfold between Russian President Vladimir Putin and American President Barrack Obama.  At the economic meeting a number of world leaders ended up discussing the events unfolding in Syria.  Among other discussions China warned of the economic repercussions of American involvement in Syria, predicting a large jump in oil prices for all should America intervene.

Russia has also been moving an increasing portion of their fleet into the Mediterranean Sea should an evacuation of Russian citizens in Syria become  necessary.

Politically Russia has gone to the UN and asked for an official risk-assessment investigation of potential strikes on Syria.  Claiming that, should a nuclear reactor be damaged, it could cause catastrophic results for a large section of the Middle East.  Given Russian backing for the Assad regime, and the noted accuracy of Tomahawk cruise missiles (the intended strike weapons), this would appear to be a delaying tactic by Russia.  While it is true that a missile damaging a reactor could be catastrophic, nuclear reactors are not on the American target list.  There is no reason to believe Assad parks his artillery and rocket launchers right next to reactors, much less that we would fire on said vehicles parked next to nuclear reactors.


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