Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant still leaking

Ever since there was an earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has been leaking. On Tuesday the Tokyo Electric Power Company plant said that they measured 2,200 millisierverts of radiation near the tanks and just last Saturday it was 1,800 millisierverts. Those measurements might not seem like much but it can end a human’s life within hours of contact with the waste.
is trying to figure out ways to fix the problem.
One idea they came up with is to freeze the area around the plant to keep the radiation from spreading in the water closeby. That plan is supposed to cost around $470 million dollars. Another issue that has come up, is that the Nuclear Regulation Authority is under the belief that there may be more tanks that are leaking that they are not aware of.  Because the clean up is taking so long there are many towns that are evacuated. For example the people of Namie are only allowed to visit one day a month. When they visit they are required to wear a piece of technology that calculates the amount of contamination they have come in contact with.  Before they are allowed to leave they must have the device checked. Officials are trying to keep the goal of decontaminating Namie within 5 years. Unfortunately, they say the people wont be able to live there for many more years than five. Another reason why the decontamination process is so difficult is that every time it rains there is waste coming down from the hills surrounding the town. What do you think? Is the idea to freeze the ground floor too ambitious of a goal? Will the towns surrounding the leaks ever be decontaminated?



2 thoughts on “Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant still leaking

  1. $470 million seems like a lot of money, and it definitely is, but on the other hand, are we allowed to just sit idly by and let radiation contaminate our nature? On the other side of the argument, are we absolutely positive that nature, which has proved to be in some ways more powerful than any human action against it, will not be able to take care of the problem itself?

  2. Scary! what a disaster that’s coming from this and to happen just from an earthquake! Agree too with Emme about how powerful nature is. It’s mind boggling to think what could happen things completely out of our control.

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